The South Wales Caving Club

Summer Expedition to the Jura, France.

27th July – 10th August 2019

Lead contact: Gary Vaughan

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Jura Caves


Reseau de la Verneau Traverse

(Bief-Boussets to Baudin) – 9km long, 345m deep. One of the classic French through trips. Big stream, very flood-prone. 12 hour + trip. 4th longest cave in France (30km). In same class as PSM, Dent de Crolles, Diau, Felix Trombe i.e about as good as it gets. Includes pitches up and down and a 5m free-diveable sump (don’t worry, can be bypassed).

Gouffre de Jerusalem

This pothole lies 7km from the Source du Verneau and gives access to the highest portion of the Verneau river. Sadly, no dry through trip is possible, but it offers a short, sporting introduction to the Verneau System.


Gouffre de la Baume des Cretes

This fine pothole gives access to over a kilometre of the upstream Verneau river. Although no dry through trip is possible, this remains a fine cave in its own right.


Grotte de Chauveroche

6 km to sump with lots of swimming (204 pools !!!). Then 6 km back out. Julian Walford, who found Claonaite and Pollballiny reckons it’s the best stream cave he’s ever done. A wet-suit trip. Another French classic. Hard.


Gouffre de Pourpeville

9 km long. Entrance pitches drop into big well-decorated galleries.


La Borne Aux Cassots

15 km horizontal cave with good formations. Combination lock. Part streamway, part big pretty stuff.


Gouffre de Granges-Mathieu

25m pitch to bizarre gate (climb over) then lots of pretty passage to fantastically decorated final chamber.


Gouffre de la Baume St Anne

Basically a big 85m deep daylight shaft much like Alum Pot. Not much else (much like Alum Pot). The Dutch think it’s fab.


Gouffre de Montaigu

Alongside the Reseau du Verneau, this is the deepest cave in the Franche-Comte. A series of big and impressive pitches lead to a long, difficult meander.


Gouffre de Vauvougier

Sporting. Over 200 meters deep, its pits and meanders provide numerous surprises. No pretties or big passages though. 10 hr+ hard trips.


Grotte du Cul de Vau

4 km long. Underground river. Lots of swimming.
which should be enough to keep everyone going for a while.


Grotte du Moulin des Iles

This wet and entertaining cave is basically a single splendid stream canyon, containing groups of helictites and about 120 gours. The generally vast streamway (10m high x 5m wide), is punctuated only by an 11m long duck, for which a wetsuit is essential.


Perte des Ravieres

The entrance is an active sink, which can flood in wet weather. 8m of snaking meander leads to a 9m pot, which is free-climbable but has spits in place for a rope if required.


Grotte des Faux-Monnayeurs

A fixed metal ladder ascends to the cave. A relatively easy horizontal cave, popular with tourists.




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