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Ogof Ffynnon Ddu centerline survey using Survex's Aven.


Click on picture to download OFDCPT.3D

To get the program to run OFDCPT.3D click on the link to the left.


Info from Log file

Survey contains 15052 survey stations, joined by 15340 shots.
There are 398 loops.
Survey has 110 connected components.
Total length of survey shots = 61322.87m (61322.58m adjusted)
Total plan length of survey shots = 56539.83m
Total vertical length of survey shots = 14683.76m
Vertical range = 320.00m (from chasdig at 504.00m to 1bcep12 at 184.00m)
North-South range = 1491.56m (from bsd6 at 16562.81m to bcfa36j at 15071.25m)
East-West range = 3460.01m (from gccdd at 88076.36m to bcbad1 at 84616.35m)


The highest point in the cave was above the Columns at 458.5 m.

It is now an Aven above the high level passages in OFD3 at 477.5m.

and the lowest point is the OFD 1 sump at 184 m. Therefor the depth of the dry cave is 293.5 m.






Updated 30.03.17