The South Wales Caving Club Cantabria Expeditions.






Red Del Silencio


Coordinates:-    Top   30T 470666 4791401  550.0

Coordinates:-    Valle   30T 465988 4794051  58.0

Another world renown caving through trip. 500m vertical range with a traverse through a 50km system so varied and constantly changing in nature from 2 hours of Yorkshire style SRT to 2 hours of Mendip style river passage to 2 hours of Gournier style pools and marmites to two hours of fine OFD style canyons and galleries to 2 hours of fine clean washed river passage. A classic trip for every kind of taste. Thirty minute walk in and two minute walk out. Through trip duration of about 12 – 14 hours.


 Top Entrance                                               Valle Entrance                





Updated 21.11.19