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Coordinates:-    Gandara  30T 452359 4782140   735.0

Coordinates:-    Caligrafos  30T 446864 4781084  1375.0

Systema Gandara however is something of a new traverse that SWCC members have now completed. Gandara was discovered in 2005. It currently runs to about 120km of passage. The regular Easter crew have been linking and learning the passages since 2007. With the exception of the passages within an hour from the entrance the cave remains pristine and in many places still crystal floored. You may think you have seen well decorated cave passage but Gandara will take anyone’s breath away both in terms of shear size and majesty but also in terms of pure class. It is easily every bit as impressive as the Berger and indeed having returned to the Berger recently I was struck by how modest my impression of the cave was when compared with the Gandara system. Gandara offers a challenge to every level of caving ability. With a ten minute walk in, if you can cave you can explore this new and exciting system. Easy walking passage is predominant throughout the system broken by the occasional pitch , traverse or short crawl. This cave really is a must for any self-respecting caver and the traverse (which we have now found our way through) offers a world class valley to valley style 12 – 14 hour through trip equal to any other in the world. I kid you not.                            Gary V.


All Photo's by Dave Dobson.


                      Car Park for Gandara                     Gandara Entrance                      Caligrafos Entrance


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